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Six week Beginners Course

Our next Adult beginner's course is due to commence on Thursday 12 September 2024 at 8pm

The Abingdon Fencing Club's beginner's course is an ideal way for adults to start fencing. The course will cover but not limited to:-

  • To be able to adopt the correct en garde position, and coordinate foot and hand actions to execute a simple attack or a defensive retreat.
  • To appreciate the idea of fencing distance and be able to maintain it.
  • To be able to execute a simple parry, and simple direct riposte following a parry.
  • To be able to continue a simple attack, avoiding the simple parry by the use of disengagement.
  • To have experienced supervised bouts with other course members.

The evening starts at 20.00 when you will be issued with the necessary equipment. This will be followed with a warm up and footwork session followed by teaching from 20:15 until about 21:00.  After the taught session is completed you are encouraged to stay on and practice what you have been taught in the class with our other regular club fencers.

You will need to wear a T-shirt, tracksuit or similar loose trousers and trainers with non-marking soles.  Long trousers must be worn, shorts are not appropriate for fencing.  For safety reasons, tracksuits worn for fencing must not have open pockets (pockets that zip up or have been sewn closed are fine). You may want to bring a drink of water as well, as it can get warm!

The other equipment you need, including your weapon plus protective jacket, mask and glove will be provided by the club for the duration of the course.

The cost of the beginner's course is £65 per person, or you may bring a friend/partner for a special joint rate of £99 for two places - please click here to book a place

This cost covers the 6-week coaching session, use of the club kit, a 7th-week casual team tournament which pairs you with a more experienced fencer PLUS free follow-on sessions at the club.

This beginner's course is intended for those 16 and above. Under 16s wishing to start fencing should join our junior class

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