Abingdon Fencing Club - Adult Fencing

The adult fencing session runs from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. beginning with a warm up and footwork session run by one of our two professional coaches. After the footwork we have a mix of poules, free fencing and courses. Club fencers are a mix of compeitive and social fencers.

 Annual MembershipVisitor
Adult£198 or £18 per month £10 per night
Student£144 or £12 per month £7 per night

Annual membership fees for 2017/18 are due on the 1st July. If you pay monthly please can you increase your standing order to the new monthly amount detailed above from the July payment.

All adult fencers must be members of British Fencing.

4, 5 or 6 Week Intermediate and Advanced Courses

The intermediate courses are run thoughout the year are intended to extend the skills of existing fencers. Our coaches will set the program for the course depending on the mix of abilities in the group. Fencers taking part in one of the weapon coaching groups should have completed one of our beginners courses or have an equivalent level of experience.

The courses cost £5 per person per night in addition to club membership or visitor fee.

Individual lessons

Our coaches are available for lessons during the second half of the adult fencing session.

Lessons are offered as a private arrangement with the coaches. Typically these cost £10 for a 20 minute lesson.